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November 01 2017

Nothing will ever frustrate me as much as when a show will set up the rare m/f pairing I’m interested in and then they fuck it by pairing one of them off with a bland li. Like Mick and Amara in LoT had good chemistry and then for some reason Amara ended up with that guy whose so bland I don’t even remember his name and the show went so hard in on it and I’m sure no one cared





Blind people must save a lot on electricity.

They do actually!

I had a blind professor, last semester, and I swung through his office to make up an exam. It was a while before I knew he was in there because he was sitting with the lights off. I finally went in, apologized, and took the exam by the light of a nearby window (which was fine). Forty-five minutes into dead silence he panicked and yelled in this booming voiced, “WAIT, YOU CAN SEE!!!” before diving across his desk to turn on the lights. I’m sure he was embarrassed but I thought it was endearing and it highlighted a large aspect of disabled life that I hadn’t previously considered.

Sort of relatedly I once had professor who was deaf, but she had learned to read lips and speak so she could communicate easily with hearing people who didn’t know sign language. One day she had gotten off topic and was talking a little about her personal life, so that one of the students said “Oh, I know, I grew up in Brooklyn too.” 

She stared at him for a long time and then said “How do you know I’m from Brooklyn?”

And he said “You have a Brooklyn accent.”

She said “I do?” and the whole class nodded, and then she burst out laughing and said “I had no idea!  The school where I learned to speak was in Brooklyn.  I learned by moving my mouth and tongue the way my teachers did.  So I guess it makes sense that I have their accent, I just never thought about it.”

October 31 2017

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@vldexchange gift for @that-meiko-girl

Happy Birthday, Keith!

I was listening to this song a majority of the time as I drew this. \(^p^)/ 




The librarian leans in close. “Books… unavailable to the average citizen, warlock? I believe I can help you.” She leads you through winding halls until you come to a tiny doorway. Surreptitiously, she slips a small key into the lock and motions you in. Torches flicker, and as your eyes adjust to the light, you see that the room is full floor-to-cieling with… gnome erotica.

Was this the result of a failed skill check, or a successful one?

#i didn’t read the url at first #an as a librarian i thought’ yeah that makes sense’

The thing that I really love is that: I never thought that I’d be able to get the same emotional experience doing a voiceover animated show that I would out of a live TV show. But I have, on this show, on Voltron. The writing is great, the writing is so wonderful that — you’re also in this like, box, because you’re literally in a box, a booth, and you’re just talking to a microphone so you’re just by yourself and that means you can just imagine whatever you want. And it allows you to like, go to a place that — like I did ADR today where I had to redo this pivotal scene that’s coming up soon. And I cried doing it! Like not even because the performance necessarily asked for it, but because I was like, ‘Guys, this is amazing!’ The depths of where we’re going for this animated show that’s quote-unquote ‘geared towards kids’ — it’s not, it’s geared towards everybody.


the above quote comes from around 1:32:43 in the podcast, but i recommend listening to it all! it’s a wonderful interview, and in terms of voltron specifically, he talks with admiration about the show’s themes, writing, animation, voice directing, and fan response (most of this is after the 1-hour mark)!

(as for the “pivotal scene” he mentions crying over, i’m not sure if it’s something we’ve already seen or something coming up post-S4, but how awesome is that!)


The main reason y'all are single is because you keep inventing arcane categories of girlfriends somebody’s always logging in and making a post like “where’s my protestant emo gf who loves dove-hunting and manual labor!!” like either move to Minnesota and find her or take it down a notch

Dat early Pharah concept art from Overwatch artbook......



I called him Gore


Beloved son 


Bestest brother


Great partner


btw he`s a lot like Dean Mccopin from “The Iron Giant”

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it makes no sense; but i’m desperate to connect

Free! Season 3 annoucement


Most of the fandom: *full of hope and excited about seeing their favorite characters again*

Me: *knowing that rei and nagisa will be sidelined again and kyoani will never have the guts to make anything canon*





Tchiya Amet came forward in 2014 to talk about being raped by Neil De Grasse Tyson. 

This is exactly what Jane Fonda means re: People Are Listening Now Because Weinstein Victims Are ‘Famous And White’

Why don’t victims speak up? They do. We just have to actually listen. 

She also specifically spoke out just months before #astroSH, a hashtag used by the astronomy community to discuss their own cases of sexual harassment/violence in astro academia after a slew of high-profile SH cases from famous scientists, and then reposted during the hashtag. It was not picked up before, during, or since the height of the campaign.

holy shit…I’ve never heard about this before and this is horrying…

October 30 2017

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finished commission for  @mikiri ! *:・゚✧.

"When Shelley's corpse washed ashore, a friend identified it by a copy of Keats's 1820 volume in the coat pocket, which he knew Shelley had taken with him. Then, after cremation in which Shelley's heart, hardened by calcium, did not burn, this same friend snatched it from the embers and presented it to Mary Shelley, who kept it thereafter in her desk, wrapped in a copy of 'Adonais."














Here’s your morbid literary fact of the day.

jesus christ, i will never be this goth.

Mary Shelley’s father taught her to spell her name by taking her to the graveyard and having her trace the letters on her mother, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s gravestone.

NO ONE will ever be as goth.

didnt she also have sex on said grave

She lost her virginity on her mother’s grave yes

… that’s it we can all go home, peak goth was achieved before we even started.

JSTOR confirms it: http://www.jstor.org/stable/3177447

Mary Freaking Shelley is None More Goth personified.

@mama-germany Achieve maximum goth


If I fail to reblog this, assume I’m stuck in my crypt, and someone needs to come help me.

She also wrote a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel focusing on the extinction of the human race and the meaninglessness of existence. In 1826.

Oh, and this isn’t especially goth, but my God, I respect her for this:

In 1827, Mary Shelley was party to a scheme that enabled her friend Isabel Robinson and Isabel’s lover, Mary Diana Dods, who wrote under the name David Lyndsay, to embark on a life together in France as man and wife.[126][note 13] With the help of  [American actor John Howard] Payne, whom she kept in the dark about the details, Mary Shelley obtained false passports for the couple.[127]


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‘you’re all lesbians now, america’

we did it. we finally made the whole country gay

October 29 2017

African Artist and Japanese Designer Create Stunning Kimonos By Mixing Cultures



Gorgeous! And an example of true cultural exchange between two artists from two cultures collaborating.

Also - did I mention gorgeous??? Holy heck!

“While the designs retained the robe’s traditional shape,  the fabric used in the creations are sourced primarily from Senegal and Nigeria, according to Nigerian site Konbini.“

I have been on tumblr too long. I saw this and immediately cringed, expecting yelling.

October 28 2017

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There’s a little bit of Angel in all of us 

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